List of START Reading Sets

I. Introduction to START

Collection A: Learning about START

Overview Article A — 47 p.

II. Another World is Possible

Collection B: Another World Is Possible — A Few Positive Examples

Overview Articles B — 11 p.

Reading Set B1: Economics and Social Welfare — U.S. — 39 p.

Reading Set B2: Economics and Social Welfare — International — 33 p.

Reading Set B3: The Environment — 25 p.

Reading Set B4: Conflict and Justice — 37 p.

Reading Set B5: Democracy and the Political Process — 27 p.

III. Meeting Basic Human Needs — Physical Systems

Collection C. Air, Water, Land, and Food

Overview Article C — 3 p.

Reading Set C1: Air — 48 p.

Reading Set C2: Water — 52 p.

Reading Set C3: Land Use, Development, Erosion, Sprawl — 33 p.

Reading Set C4: Food and Farming — 35 p.

Reading Set C5: Agribusiness, Ownership of Seed, Genetically-Modified Organisms (GMOs) — 70 p.

Collection D: Industrialization and Energy Use

Overview Article D — 7 p.

Reading Set D1: Industrialization, Mass Production — 58 p.

Reading Set D2: Consuming Natural Resources, Mining, Drilling, Logging — 48 p.

Reading Set D3: Fossil Fuels: Coal, Oil, and Gas — 68 p.

Reading Set D4: Nuclear Power — 49 p.

Reading Set D5: Conservation of Energy, Solar Heating, Photovoltaic and Wind Power — 31 p.

Collection E: Environment and Sustainability

Overview Article E — 13 p.

Reading Set E1: Pollution, Toxic Wastes, Garbage — 55 p.

Reading Set E2: Destruction of Habitat and Extinction of Species — 57 p.

Reading Set E3: Global Warming — 43 p.

Reading Set E4: The Limits to Growth — 34 p.

Reading Set E5: Sustainable Environmental Practice — 48 p.

IV. Meeting Basic Human Needs — Economic Systems

Collection F: Economic Systems

Overview Article F — 12 p.

Reading Set F1: History of Economic Systems — 63 p.

Reading Set F2: Capitalism — 68 p.

Reading Set F3: Socialism and Communism — 50 p.

Reading Set F4: Current Economic Issues — 39 p.

Reading Set F5: New Economic Directions — 58 p.

Collection G: Meeting Basic Needs in the U.S.

Overview Article G — 15 p.

Reading Set G1: Housing, Transportation — 73 p.

Reading Set G2: Healthcare — 56 p.

Reading Set G3: Working Conditions and Consumer Choices — 42 p.

Reading Set G4: Poor and Working Class People — 61 p.

Reading Set G5: Wealth and Inequality — 45 p.

Collection H: Global Economics

Overview Article H — 11 p.

Reading Set H1: Corporations as Persons — 55 p.

Reading Set H2: Corporate Irresponsibility and Crime — 58 p.

Reading Set H3: Trade, Global Economics, Multinational Corporations — 58 p.

Reading Set H4: Privatization — 46 p.

Reading Set H5: Global Economic Conditions — 61 p.

V. Providing Safety

Collection I: International Security

Overview Article I — 11 p.

Reading Set I1: Military Spending and the Military-Industrial Complex — 59 p.

Reading Set I2: U.S. Military Intervention in Other Countries — 47 p.

Reading Set I3: Militarism and Its Effects — 56 p.

Reading Set I4: International Law, the United Nations, and Citizen Diplomacy — 53 p.

Reading Set I5: Nonviolent Struggle and Intervention — 63 p.

Collection J: Personal Safety

Overview Article J — 6 p.

Reading Set J1: Intimate Violence — 31 p.

Reading Set J2: Violence in the Community — 68 p.

Reading Set J3: Organized Violence against Humans — Trafficking and Slavery — 54 p.

Reading Set J4: Policing and the Law — 34 p.

Reading Set J5: Prisons and Punishment — 53 p.

VI. Living Together

Collection K: Governance

Overview Articles K — 20 p.

Reading Set K1: History of Governance — Tribalism to International Law — 76 p.

Reading Set K2: Theories of Governance — 41 p.

Reading Set K3: Democracy — 32 p.

Reading Set K4: Domestic Governance Issues — 34 p.

Reading Set K5: Global Governance Issues — 41 p.

Collection L. Ways We Are Divided

Overview Articles L — 13 p.

Reading Set L1: Race, Religion, Ethnicity — 59 p.

Reading Set L2: Age, Ability — 40 p.

Reading Set L3: Gender, Sexual Identity — 26 p.

Reading Set L4: Class — 54 p.

Reading Set L5: Multiculturalism, Respect, Inclusion — 36 p.

Collection M. Community

Overview Article M — 6 p.

Reading Set M1: Principles and Frameworks — 60 p.

Reading Set M2: Planned and Intentional Communities — 42 p.

Reading Set M3: Community Based on Geography: Neighborhoods, Towns, and Cities — 40 p.

Reading Set M4: Community Based on Shared Identity — 45 p.

Reading Set M5: Global Community — 34 p.

Collection N: Communicating Information and Values

Overview Article N — 8 p.

Reading Set N1: Language — 48 p.

Reading Set N2: Education, Schooling — 64 p.

Reading Set N3: Propaganda, Advertising — 51 p.

Reading Set N4: Mass Media, Pop Culture — 59 p.

Reading Set N5: Internet, Web, E-Mail — 69 p.  

VII. Strategies for Positive Change

Collection O: Earlier Movements for Change

Overview Article O — 11 p.

Reading Set O1: Social Movements in Pre-WWI Europe and Asia — 68 p.

Reading Set O2: U.S. Abolitionism and Women’s Suffrage Movements — 58 p.

Reading Set O3: U.S. Labor and Economic Justice Movements — 62 p.

Reading Set O4: U.S. Populist, Progressive, and Socialist Movements — 53 p.

Reading Set O5: Conservation, Peace, and Human Rights Movements — 64 p.

Collection P: Later Movements for Change

Overview Article P — 10 p.

Reading Set P1: Economic Justice Movements — 63 p.

Reading Set P2: National/Political Liberation Movements — 41 p.

Reading Set P3: Peace and Environmental Movements — 55 p.

Reading Set P4: Racial/Ethnic Justice Movements — 41 p.

Reading Set P5: Women’s, Gay Rights, and Human Rights Movements — 52 p.

Collection Q: Personal and Cultural Transformation

Overview Articles Q — 6 p.

Reading Set Q1: Cynicism, Hope, Empowerment — 46 p.

Reading Set Q2: Lifestyle Changes — 31 p.

Reading Set Q3: Cultural Change, Memes, Education, Persuasion — 63 p.

Reading Set Q4: Healing Emotional Wounds — 45 p.

Reading Set Q5: Finding Common Ground — 39 p.

Collection R: Building Alternatives

Overview Article R — 13 p.

Reading Set R1: Cooperatives, Associations — 41 p.

Reading Set R2: Worker-, Community-, or Government-Owned and -Controlled Businesses — 62 p.

Reading Set R3: Non-Profit Businesses, Locally-Owned and -Controlled Businesses — 37 p.

Reading Set R4: Participatory Democracy/Consensus Decision-Making — 48 p.

Reading Set R5: Cultural Alternatives — 56 p.

Collection S: Challenging Existing Structures

Overview Articles S — 11 p.

Reading Set S1: Advocacy — 35 p.

Reading Set S2: Electoral Politics — 67 p.

Reading Set S3: Community and Labor Organizing — 69 p.

Reading Set S4: Protest Politics — 58 p.

Reading Set S5: Building Movements and Coalitions — 65 p.

Collection T: Theories and Strategies

Overview Article T — 14 p.

Reading Set T1: Strategizing for Change — 66 p.

Reading Set T2: Nonviolent Movements — 52 p.

Reading Set T3: Violence, Non-Violence, and Civil Disobedience Debate — 58 p.

Reading Set T4: Building Mass Movements — 56 p.

Reading Set T5: Reform, Revolution, and Global Strategies — 70 p.

VIII. Next Steps

Collection U: Next Steps

Overview Articles U — 11 p.