START is a process that enables a small group of people to better understand what is wrong with our world, develop a vision of a better society, and figure out effective strategies for moving from here to there. To learn more about START and its history, see Chapter 1 of the START Study Guide.

For an excellent description of START, see “Acting in the Big Picture: New study guide builds on history, hope,” by Linda Pinkow, Dollars & Sense, Number 273, Nov/Dec 2007, p. 9.

START Study Guide

The START Study Guide had its origins in the 1981 booklet Organizing Macro-Analysis Seminars: Study & Action for a New Society.

This updated edition was written from March 2005 to August 2007. The main people who worked on this edition were Randy Schutt in Cleveland, OH and Pamela Haines in Philadelphia, PA.

START Reading List

The START Reading List was assembled from June 2006 to October 2007 by Pamela Haines and Randy Schutt. Daniel Hunter suggested many of the readings in Collection T. Others who suggested readings include Bob Irwin, Nancy Brigham, George Lakey, Fred Cook, Michael Ray, Nina Huizinga, Richard Fuller, Martha Dickinson, Scott Beadenkopf, David I. Levine, John Abbe, David Tatgenhorst, and Patt Needham.

We are always interested in suggestions for new or different readings. Suggested readings are first placed in a holding area called Possible Readings.

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