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C. Air, Water, Land, and Food

Spaceship Earth

“The Economics of the Coming Spaceship Earth,” by Kenneth E. Boulding, Sixth Resources for the Future Forum on Environmental Quality in a Growing Economy, Washington, DC, March 8, 1966, 7 sp.

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An excerpt from Water Wars by Vandana Shiva, South End Press, 2002, 25 p.

Those who pollute wells and rivers or who privatize water deny poor people access to an essential need. Because water falls on earth in a dispersed manner, because every living being needs water, decentralized management and democratic ownership are the only efficient, sustainable, and equitable systems for the sustenance of all.

“Introduction” from Blue Gold: The global water crisis and the commodification of the world’s water supply, by Maude Barlow, International Forum on Globalization (IFG), Spring 2001, 17 p.

The push to commodify water comes at a time when the social, political, and economic impacts of water scarcity are rapidly becoming a destabilizing force, with water-related conflicts springing up around the globe.